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STEM & EdTech Researcher 

Advocate for Girls in STEM

Author / Speaker


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I am a researcher, educator, and author who focuses on the impact of new technologies and media on young children. My research explores strategies for breaking gender stereotypes and engaging girls in STEM from an early age. I am the co-creator of the ScratchJr Coding Cards: Creative Coding Activities and author of the book Breaking the STEM Stereotype: Reaching Girls in Early Childhood. My work has been featured in GeekWireWIRED magazine, the New York Times, and more.


I am currently the Senior Program Developer at the National Girls Collaborative Project (NGCP), a nonprofit organization focused on advancing the agenda of gender equality in STEM. I also regularly work in a consulting capacity with groups like PBS Kids, the DevTech Research Group, the Childcare Education Institute, and local schools on edtech related endeavors! This has involved research, professional development, writing, course development, teaching, and more. Check out my current projects to see what I'm working on now or view my CV to learn about my body of work.  Contact me if you are interested in learning more about the consulting services I provide or to discuss a collaboration!

Amanda & Kids with KIBO at DevTech Research Group Camp
Book Signing for Breaking the STEM Stereotype
Girls Inc. & Career Day Inc. Event in NY
Girls Inc. & Career Day Inc. Event in NY
"The Amandas" STEAM Dream Team
Boston Children's Medical Center Event
Geekwire's Geek of the Week!
Dr. Amanda Sullivan & Mentor Prof. Marina Bers with KIBO Prototype
Playing with KIBO at Eliot-Pearson Children's School Event
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